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Names of God and Their Significance

Both the believers and non-believers the name "God" is a familiar name to them. It is the name that stands for the one who created everything in the whole university and the universe itself plus all that is beyond which men cannot figure out. Although God is incomparable in prowess and majesty, it pleased him to be known to simple humans through his love and mercy. Also, even though God has created countless precious creatures in the world and beyond, it is believed that humans are the most important creatures to God. That is why God wants them to know him as he really is.

There are various ways of knowing that God, but the easiest way then all is to learn his names. God is the most name known to all. But unfortunately, the name "God" can also be entitled to idols and fairies which in reality cannot help humans or which have limited authorities. So, in short, the name God is a general name which stands for every revered supernatural being which can be seen or not.

In order to distinguish the real God against all other mythical Gods, it is imperative to use unique names of that real God who lives in heaven but also who is omnipresent and omnipotent. One thing which you will realize is that each name of that real God does reveal a particular God's character and power. And so, the fact of knowing multiple God's names will help you to approach him with understanding. And hence you will find favor in pleading to God reciting his particular name according to your life situation. Check this website at for more info!

When you need the money and all other necessary items in life, for example, it is vital to pray to God through his name "Yahweh Jireh". This is the name of God which means that God is able to provide all you need. The biblical reference is when Abraham, had nothing else to scarify to God but his Son Isaack. When his son asked the father what to sacrifice, Abraham replied that God will provide. And surely, finally, God provided a lamb in the place of Isaack for that service.

Many Christian churches, and faith media groups like from, have done great contribution in imparting the knowledge (including God's names) of God to all people. Thus, if you want to learn all the names of God you can join those organizations or simply visit their websites.

You will find accurate and relevant information not only about God's name but also, about the entire concept of faith and life. Check out some more facts about bible, go to

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